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27 May 2009  at  04:33 PM

Well DK Bicycles made a 24” cruiser by the name of ‘General Lee’. Unless it’s an unbranded frame with the DK decals. Look for a frame number and contact DK if you really need to know I guess.

03 June 2009  at  04:24 PM

yep its a DK… correct Mr P

16 August 2009  at  09:10 PM

DK used to stamp “DK” in the end of the top tube where it meets the top of the seat stays behind the seatube. Also used to put a “DK” in the gusset behind the headtube. The dropuouts are a little suspect as on my 20” Gen. Lee, they were huge on both sides to cover the freewheel if you rode pegs for street.  I liked my Gen Lee as a 20”, but switched to the Legacy (Also DK) for its shorter rear end. I really like DK a lot. Nice ride.

13 January 2010  at  02:27 AM

I think that is really cool having a Greneral Lee bike . I was thinking of buying on at Wal-Mart but they don;t have any. So where did you get your? But again i am looking for one somewhere.

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