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26 July 2010  at  10:15 AM

Very tastefully put together. Great photos too, cheers.

26 July 2010  at  11:08 AM

amazingly beautiful clean look.

27 July 2010  at  07:36 AM

Thanks both of you and thanks for putting the bike into the gallery. Always hoped to see more new bikes added to the gallery and now my very first build is here :D

While assembling it I already started to develop an idea for the next build… let’s see when I got some spare bucks.

21 August 2010  at  06:52 AM

so clean and so awesome at the same time
it’s a perfect case of “less is more”

17 February 2011  at  06:44 PM

Nice !
Clean !
Simple !
Just the way I like it.

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