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25 May 2010  at  09:17 PM

That is awesome! Great bike. Do you sell it?

26 May 2010  at  11:17 PM

Dear Dr Cycle (or even Hi Daniel)

Thank you for your comment and i’m kind of proud, that you broke your rules about commenting bicycles ;-.)

You are right, that this looks quite fixie like. I have another project still working on, and i tried the fixie way but in switzerland, especially Zurich, not every road is straight. If i go to Zurich Downtown i have to cross some kind of a mountain and with the fixie it was everytime a real pain in the A..

So i decided to try it with the 16-gear version, and until now i love to pass this mountain. But the next project will maybe transform in fixie. Be sure im gonna post it here.

Thanks again and regards to Australia


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