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23 October 2009

Top 10 (+1) Cycling Brand Logos


I know there are a lot of designers in the Boutique Cycles community, so I thought i would construct a Top ten list of inspirational cycling logos. These logo’s are my personal favs, i know Cameron and Matt will have there own take too. It would be good to get some feedback and see what other people like too. The logo’s are not necessarily reflective of how good the product or the overall brand is, but normally a good logo is the foundation of a good brand as we all know. There are so many good ones it was really hard to choose, so hard i had to put in 11 not 10! Anyhow here goes…



I’m a sucker for fat type and Cinelli has it in buckets. I love the wings on the “C” too which can be used on it’s own. Simple and perfect.



Rapha is a beautifully formed script that just oozes class.



The stencil style of yetis logo is appealing to me. The shapes all seem to just work so well together. This logo means business.



It’s not the most perfectly crafted logo but i used to spend my days as a kid redrawing it just for fun. So it means a lot to me.



Cervélo’s logo is just fluid and is the perfect mark for a quality brand.



Some people don’t like this logo, but i think it works well. I love the letter “k”, it’s so distinctive. It’s a touch Star Trekky but i don’t care.



I couldn’t find a decent image of the logo on it’s own. But Dean’s primitive shapes are just plain cool. It’s a shame they updated it in recent years. This logo is circa 1990.



Onza’s mark is plain rad, i bought the tyres and grips just for the logo. Their product was actually pretty good too.



Classic and timeless, this logo is probably as famous as cycling itself!



I love the chopped type, just works so well. And the logo looks hot on the bikes.



I couldn’t leave this logo out so it made number 11. Rock Shox has stood the test of time. Your eye just flows through the shapes effortlessly. Love it.

12 /

23 October 2009  at  07:44 PM

a can of worms you have opened.

i would go Raleigh for no. 12. such an iconic head decal
13. i love the white dove [i hope that is right] of columbus tubing
14. brooks is a classic - how can you not like garamond!
and for modern i really like so1o and fixie inc.
so1o’s font is almost arete mono [ah the memory’s mr frost] &
fixie inc. uses dalliance - a personal favourite

24 October 2009  at  03:33 AM

thomson. specialized. giant…....... it is endless

25 October 2009  at  04:29 AM

Great post. The more I think about it and look around, cycling is a very well branded market; speaks to the intelligence of the audience I presume.

25 October 2009  at  10:18 AM

Hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Can of worms indeed. Suggest a voting poll thingo (like BFF) for bike logos - would be good to see!

Voting up:

Eddy Merckx (wacky), Bianchi (helvetica, who knew?), Brooks (classic), 3T, Fizi:k, Baum. Wilier,

Voting down:

Rock Shox, Skyway, Giant, Specialised, Thomson, almost everything else.

I however, disagree with another commenters post - cycling is overall, terribly bad at branding and communications in general. Everyone is in a mad rush to put a logo on everything, but very few seem to understand how to actually build a brand, from an ownable and interesting brand proposition (hard), to a logo (easy), to a cohesive communications program (hard).

Brands I feel that do this with a degree of success are Rapha, Cannondale (lately) and, annoyingly, Trek.

03 November 2009  at  11:37 AM

From your list, I really like Cinelli, Rapha and Canyon.
From your list, I really dislike Cervélo, Klein

I’d like to add BMC, MOOTS, Cyfac, the new American Classic, 3T, Fizik, Assos, Mavic as really well-designed brands. The Cyfac logo isn’t great, but their overall branding is quite good. The new American Classic brand overhaul by Group De Jour is absolutely fantastic – maybe red, black and white aren’t pushing any boundaries, but the overall look is so clean and crisp. Well done.

03 November 2009  at  11:46 AM

Oh, I forgot to add Twin Six as well as Crank Brothers! How on earth could I forget those two awesome companies?!?

03 November 2009  at  11:50 AM

There really are so many good ones, and like all design it’s subjective. I would argue that BMC although a great brand with great product doesn’t have the best crafted logo. Moots and 3T have excellent logo marks too…

03 November 2009  at  11:54 AM

Yeah, I agree that the BMC logo isn’t fantastic by any stretch of the imagination, they seem to pull it off well. Well, they actually pull it off remarkably well. On paper, or alone, the logo looks slightly uninspired and slightly un-matched to the rest of the brand, but when they slap it on the downtube of the new SLR01, it really compliments all of the red, white and helvetica going on elsewhere on the frame. Overall, a VERY slick branding package.

03 November 2009  at  11:58 AM

I actually own an 09 Racemaster SLX01, I’m just nit picking :) The bikes and overall brand are definitely the ones to watch. Especially now Cadel Evans has joined the ranks!

03 November 2009  at  12:13 PM

Samson and Nagasawa are easily top contenders.

17 December 2009  at  09:28 AM

What???? No Campagnolo!!!!!!! C’mon that must be the most recognizable, prestigious logo and bike company ever

16 June 2010  at  11:18 AM

Yeah, how can Rapha possibly trump Campy?

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